Monday, May 25, 2009

so i tried to resist but i just couldn't ...

stop watching porn ... LOL JK! well remember in one of the previous posts how i said there was so much going on in the london fashion scene? well i told myself i'd resist posting about UK designers for a while, but I just couldnt do it lol.

So ... who's up today?! It's this sexy young man!

Quite good looking eh? Wonder if he's gay ... lol Anyhoo, so his name's R I C H A R D N I C O L L and he's Australian. Hooray, eventually we get to have someone to replace sass n bide ! lol Growing up in Perth, Australia and having finished a master degree at St Martins College of Art, Richard's been causing quite a stir lately with his bold yet relaxed designs with extremely high quality garments.

While his first few collections were a bit messy (let's say a bit Michael Kors / Lacoste), like this:

his last two collections have been extremely coherent, original while still keeping that clean / wearable aesthetics:

My favourite collection so far would've been the current spring 2009 one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his use of tangerine, aqua, all those bold pellette colours!

Richard's also known to cut one of the nicest white shirts in the business. His signature white shirt is a bit snuggyt around the bust area, and floats out a bit more coming down the waist, like this :

I don't know about you, but I think he's properly one of the few new aussie talents that will be BIG, like MAJAHLY BIG in the near future.

The multi million question is: Why did Richard Nicoll decide to show in London and not Sydney? Does it say something about his opinion on Aussie fashion? lol!

I love you all!

~Dee - Ha~

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