Saturday, May 23, 2009

To the 10 types of guys (& girls) out there ...

Ok, so i feel like being a bitch today ( like i'm not one EVERYDAY? lol), but anyhoo, reading the recent "10 men" magazine recently (which i LOVED, richard gray has got to be the funniest man on eart) has got me thinking since i blog so much about what i love, adore, all my thousand fashion wives and husbands, why can't i post about things that i annoy me?

So here I am, not in a bad mood but I just feel like being a bitch for the fun of it, making my first post to the 10 types of guys (& girls) out there that annoy me:

1. To the boys that wear skinny jeans so tight they leave nothing to imagination and make your willies look like camel toes, please buy bigger pants. Ball crushing jeans belong to the 70s and really they should do.

2. To the girls the wear jeans so tight they pretty much push their tummy flabs out and make them look like meat rolls, I know skinny jeans make ur legs look a wee skinnier, but really flobby tummy flabs dont look that attractive.

3. To the girls that wear fluoro headbands parading down the streets. There are things that should just be worn to 80s dress up parties. The boho chic comeback is nice, but headbands should just belong to the 70s.

4. To the boys that wear their pants so low their butts pretty much pop out: noone really wants to see your dirty old undies covering your skinny butts, so cover up

5. To the girls that think there are clothes out there that make them look skinny: clothes can make you look "skinnier", not "skinny", dont be fooled by the stupid make over ads.

6. To the girls out there that wear leggings as pants: Lindsay Lohan is no style icon, so dont copy her. Plus as Blair Waldoff clearly said it 'Leggings aren't pants'

7. To the boys and girls out there that wear bad fake tan: everyone knows it's fake, and so do you, then why even bother?

8. To the girls out there that wear micro cut off denim shorts: I know Kate Moss started it, but she's got legs to pull them off, plus wearing shorts that only cover half of your bum makes you look like those hoes in hip-hop videos unless that's the look you're after.

9. To the girls that wear denim-look leggings: please go buy some real jeans

10. To KANYE WEST: please help me stop KANYE WEST. I love him as an artist, but all his fashion collabs and his "fashion gang" need to be stopped. LOL

I love you all!

~Dee - Ha~

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