Friday, May 29, 2009

Lola lolita Luella ....

I have an obsession with Liberty floral prints. I cannot remember how many times I've jumped for joy when I saw a Liberty Floral shirt. While big florals are quite hard to pull off and you're always on the verge of being either fierce or tacky (but then again most fierce stuff's quite tacky isnt it? lol), Liberty florals are just extremely pretty and cheerful, a bit british luncheon garden party almost :).

Anyhoo, we all might know my obsession for UK designers by now. So when you have a combination of a UK designer + liberty floral collection + extremely pretty clothes with a little twist + royal/chanel aesthetics + super bright feel good colours, my heart literally stopped beating :D.
Okie enough introduction, let me introduce you to my all time favourite UK girl, LUELLA! Luella was voted UK designer of the year last year, and I think she deserved every single bit of it. Totally the girl to go to for chic classic clothes with a twist, have faith in a Luella dress for the feel good factor. Below are my favourite looks from the spring summer collection that earned her the prestige award:

I love you all! and I love Luella!


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