Monday, December 14, 2009

I still had some faith in Proenza Schouler ...

until I saw this on their website:

Really?! The duo Parsons graduates who are famous for their trend setting, hip cool, innovative designs that make me drool every season came up with something like that?

While I dont have much of a problem with the purse design itself, the "Proenza Schouler" stamp is just plain horrid. And the 'made in Italy' underneath completely ruins it. What type of customers did they have in mind this time? Monogram/brand obsessed customers in Asia and Russia?

To my knowledge, which I now assume is not that correct, a Proenza SChouler woman is someone who's sophisticated, who wants understated, hip and chic fashion. She's someone who can tell whether a dress is well made without looking at the brand. Now has she turned into one of those 'brand victims' that needs to let people know where she purchased her purse, and has to see those misleading 'made in italy' tags because she can't even trust herself when it comes to spotting quality? The "out of stock" sign said it all ...

To complete their 'online shopping experience', Proenza Schouler also offered this:

It is saddening that many designers these days have to turn to innane accessories and fragrance to boost their sales. Now noone needs to save for a beautiful Proenza jacket anymore, they can just go buy Target clothes, then buy a PS key ring, and they too can (illusionally) be a part of the hip, downtown chic 'Proenza' lifestyle.

I wonder what's next? Alexander Wang made in France poker sets, Christopher Kane made in UK usb sticks, or Richard Nicoll made in Australia cosmetic case?



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