Monday, December 7, 2009

when pheobe philo takes over ....

you know you can't deny! okiez that was a really lame use of the song "when love takes over", but can I please direct your attention to Celine's latest accessory collection. Remember a while back when I said Celine was going to be the new Chloe now that Pheobe Philo's taking over as creative director? Well, looks like not only did their apparel department get a revamp, the old boring accessories also got a make over! First up are the belts and shoes:

Though it's the bags that made me drool ...

Amazing no? Would those be the new paddingtons? Properly not, but then again IT bags are soooo 2006, practicality is the new THANG!

Just to remind you again why Pheobe was, and also will be the queen of minimalism:



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