Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are you a criminal? ...

for committing these offenses?

10 Worst Male Fashion Offenses

1) Low V-Neck Shirts
While some men can pull off this American-Apparel look, most agree that it's generally offensive.

2) Popped Collars

Hopefully, men are slowly realizing that this is a fashion don't!

3) White Shoes

White shoes were banned from the Australian nightclub. You all want to ban them too.

4) Baggy Jeans

We don't need to see any boxers or butt cracks.

5) Skinny Jeans

So baggy jeans are out, but so are skinny jeans according to you guys. Sounds like men need to find a nice in between fit.

6) 'Manpris' (Male version of capri pants:-P)
Let's choose either shorts or pants, OK?

7) T-Shirts With Stupid Slogans

Nobody's laughing.

8) Ed Hardy

All of you seem to agree that these designs just don't work. But we might be seeing more Ed Hardy – the brand is set to launch a line of baby products.

9) Sideways or Backwards Baseball Hats
It might work with Travis Barker's look, but most of you only want to see a baseball hat worn the correct way.

10) Flip-Flops Worn Anywhere but the Beach

Flip-flops with jeans: not a good look.

We've all done silly things in the past (I once lusted after an Ed Hardy t-shirt, but gladly never got myself to purchase one, phew ...), but if you're still making one of those 10 mistakes again, I pleade you GUILTY!

Click HERE for the original article with illustrations.


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