Monday, July 27, 2009

SPLENDOUR conversation recap ...

Just had the BBEESSTT weekend in splendour. All the bands were amazing. Totally loved: Art vs Science, Bloc Party and Decoder Ring! Anyhoo, I'm not going to write a music review here, but write about all the silly/blonde things that Dee Ha said instead:

The night before driving to Byron Bay:

Dee Ha: Yay, it's so good we get to camp right at the festival. I wonder what the CABINs are like?
Friend: *silence for a few seconds* cabins? Don't you understand the meaning of CAMPING? We're sleeping in tents! You've told me you went camping in highschool!
Dee Ha: I did, but we stayed in cabins that had heaters and showers :D.
Friend: *sighs*

On the way to Byron Bay:
Friend: Did you remember to pack some essentials, like snacks and stuff?
Dee Ha: I didn't. I don't need any of that. I packed the most essential thing, my MOISTURIZER!
Friend: *rolls eyes*

Before Bob Evan's show:
Dee Ha: So who's Bob Evans? Is that a girl?
Friend: *sighs*

1am on Saturday night:
Dee Ha: *in Teddy bear pajamas and Ugg boots* I'm not asleep yet, let's go RRRAAAVVVIIINGGG at Tipi Forest
Friend: *points at Dee Ha's outfit* going in THAT OUTFIT?!
Dee Ha: *nods head then both walked off to Tipi Forest*

Besides all that, I had the best time!

I love Splendour!


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