Friday, July 17, 2009

dilemma dilemma

So I've had my eyes fixed on the Prada briefcase for a while now, and was pretty ready to go to the Prada store and just put all that longing frustrations behind and purchase the KLASSY baby:

then i stumbled across the new men's accessories collection on the balenciaga website. I DIED:

I KNOW I KNOW! that tomato red is TEE DEE EFF (tdf = to die for :P), and i'm loving the anthracite travel bag too. Most people don't know this, but I've been in love with motorcycle bag for ages, but it's a girl's bag you know, it's not even UNISEX and no, i refuse to be a fierce queen carrying little handbags around thank you very much :P. God (or Nicholas Ghesquiere) must have listened to me praying over the last few years, and yes, eventually brought out these babies ...

Now the dilemma is, which one should I get? ...



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  1. I really like reading your blog:) you put a lot of effort in it!! Keep on going like this!