Saturday, July 18, 2009

contemplating a new haircut ...

so i've had the up-up-and-go / gone with the wind / dreamy james dean hair for a while now, it's natural to move on to something new and more refreshing.

To be honest I still love the hair style, even when my hardest attempt still can't make me look like Jon, but I'm getting so sick of how it's become the 'fashionista' hairstyle these days. To sum it up, every single fashion photo blog I've been to would have a photo of a guy with:

1. THAT hair

2. big clear way-farer spectacles even when his eyesight's 100 % normal, because you know, 'geeky chic' is IN

3. some ripped/ torn homeless man t-shirt

4. ball crushing tight black jeans with

5. dr marten combat boots which i LOATH

Yes yes, I'm looking at all of you. It's funny to look at the so called 'fashionista' community, which I don't think I'll ever be cool enough to be a part of, who pride themselves on being 'daring, different, eccentric, eclectic, etc etc' yet everyone ends up looking the same.

Anyhoo, back to the hair topic, after hours of hair pulling decision making (okiez fine, i'm exaggerating a bit but that's not the point :P), I'm finally leaning towards the 'put a big bowl on top of your head and follow its outline' haircut,as seen on no other than the comeback girl TAO OKAMOTO:

and on Ranya and Simon:

I know i know, you all are properly thinking I'm going insane. Don't worry, I've thought the same too. Truth is, this hair does remind me of way back when Mum refused to pay for my haircuts and decided to cut my hair instead, which ended up with me crying like an epileptic frog. Strangely enough, for me it's the most refreshing haircuts at the moment. May be I should pay Mum a visit very soon ...

Decision decision .... uhm ....


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