Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just when you think Marc Newson's done it all ....

So after furtinure, collaborations with Qantas, GStar and 10352975070 other projects he's laid hands on, you think our very own aussie homie Marc Newson would be ready to retire from exhaustion, he decided to collaborate with BOUCHERON! Oh damn, the boy has taste! Saw this on the Newyorktimes:

Here's its description:

"The one-of-a-kind “Julia” necklace, which is being introduced at a couture-week party in Paris tomorrow evening, was inspired by Newson’s obsession with fractals — geometric shapes that can be subdivided into smaller versions of themselves, specifically the Julia Sets of fractals discovered by Gaston Julia in the early 1900s. “Fractals are fascinating, complex and rich,” Newson says, “and gemstones really lend themselves to exploiting their beauty.” The scientifically-spawned sparkler contains around 2,000 paved stones and took the company’s craftspeople 1,500 hours to realize using rapid-prototyping technology and a minimal three-prong setting, so the stones appear to float on the wearer’s throat. One thing that won’t be floating, however, is the price tag. “I wasn’t thinking luxury at all, but the technical rigorousness of the piece, as well as the sheer number of stones that went into it will probably make this one of the most expensive necklaces Boucheron’s ever made.” "

I'm speechless I'm telling you. I dont think I've seen anything better. Wonder how much that would cost considering it's the most expensive piece by BOUCHERON!? 2421765846587659364 dollars?

I need my Russian royalty :( lol jk


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