Thursday, July 30, 2009

If Carine Roitfeld had an Italian step-sister ...

She'll be in the form of Anne Dello Russo:

For those of you who dont know who she is (SHAME! :P), she used to be editor in chief for Uomo Vogue and is now looking after Vogue Nippon instead.

Gorgeous no? If Carine's the adventurous dangerously fierce sister, Anna's definitely the FLAMBOUYANT one :D. I love her and her work at Vogue Nippon.

My biggest wish right now is to have a girls lunch with Carine, Anna (Russo that is, not Wintour), Emmanuele and Melanie Huynh (because she's part Asian so i feel more connected lol). If that wish ever came true, I wonder who'd rock up with the tackiest outfit? One thing for sure I know who the one with fattest thighs and horrid tummy is ... *sigh*

I love you all!


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