Friday, July 10, 2009

I might just subscribe to Vogue Australia ....

So I'm one of those cheap asses that refuse to pay for magazines and would rather spend 5 hours at bookstores finishing mags after mags instead. Which is fair enough in my case, considering I'm so poor and imported fashion magazines cost a fortune in Australia, plus I read an average of 6-10 fashion magazines every week. It gets to the point that most of the Border staff know my face these days lol :D. Anyhoo, with that philosophy in mind, I've been able to resist all the marketing tactics most magazines have been using to tempt people to subscribe, until I saw this on Vogue Australia the other day:

"The birthday celebrations have already started at Vogue Australia and we're giving away a collector's edition Barbie when you subcribe or extend your subscription. Celebrate Vogue Australia's 50th anniversary by subscribing and Shopgirl Barbie is yours. We think she looks like a cross between Daphne Guiness, Cruella de Ville in her youth and a Parisienne Chanel addict. In short, she's chic."

OH EM GEE i'm telling you. Barbie doll version of my godmother Daphne (or so I wish) in Chanel carrying a chi hua hua?! That's the combination of my 4 most favourite-est things in the world!

I'm one click away from subscribing. I need a guardian angel to tell me NO ....

Damn Vogue Australia! lol


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