Thursday, July 30, 2009

It may be true that men look better with age ...

Certainly did work for this boy:

His name is Ryan Taylor. I can still remember back in 2007 when I bought Arena Homme Plus and he was in there with a 20-page editorial and my friend went 'OMG, he's cute as!' and I snapped 'you should feel pedophillic just saying that!':

Oh, and remember that Dior Homme safari jacket that caused such a craze back then? Oh how I miss 2007 ... Anyhoo, back to our boy Ryan Taylor, 2 years on and look at him now:

To the gurlies, start lining UURRPP! To all the gays, no he doesn't swing that way *sigh* lol.

Who says aging is bad eh?

I love you all!


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