Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seraphine de Senlis ...

Once in a while, in between my super hectic schedules of cheesy asian music videos or tacky reality TV shows of metro narcissists sexing/bitching about each other, I do try to squeeze in some quality artistic time. Which was why I decided it was time my bean clogged poor artistic brain got some proper fix by watching this today:

I'm no cine-critic, but it was properly the best movie I've watched this year. Seraphine had that typical French movie allure which I loved, with minimal convos, beautiful melancholic cinematography and brilliant acting/emotional expressions. Yolande Moreau's performance as Madame Seraphine was stellar!

It was funny because I was the only non 60 yo-and-over member of the audience at the cinema (lol!).

Mind you I'm only an art noob, but I constantly fell in love with Seraphine's work, especially learning about how she developed all that talent over the years.

Towards the end of the movie, I couldn't help but ball my eyes out which was extremely EMBARRASSING! Thank god there wasn't much of an audience there to notice all my sobbing (phew!) .

Putting the movie aside, what came to my mind afterwards was how beautiful Seraphine's paintings would look on fabrics, so I decided to do a quick mash-up using Paint (excuse my lack of computer graphics skills, hence my choice of the most primitive painting program which i learnt in year 5). The results are:

Gorgeous no? I can so see Anna Wintour or even Franca Sozzani wearing those dresses!

If you haven't seen Seraphine, or are just desperate for some quality cinematography, I suggest you go see the movie NOW! My lack of art knowledge sure did get a major fix!

I love Sepharine de Senlis!


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