Monday, September 7, 2009

Let's all get some FUN FUR!

Seems like God listened to my constant whining about how far behind Australia is in terms of fashion (trends, clothes and all things related). Just a few posts ago, I started yapping about how I really wanted to see the mini fashion documentary series called 'The day before", and was sad because I didn't think they'd air it in Australia. Well, I finally found the link to the first movie of the series "THE DAY BEFORE FENDI" on youtube! Embedding has been disabled, so follow the link HERE to watch the whole thing.

A few interesting points from the movie:

1. Karl Lagerfeld is extremely nice and disciplined. Again it proves my point that REAL FASHION PEOPLE are kind, non-bitchy and extremely professional.

2. His vision is just incredible, and his sketches are pure art. Oh, and does he speak like 12 languages or something? GENIUS i'm telling you.

3. The process of treating fur was fascinating to watch.

4. I too want my own battalions of beauty :P.

5. Interesting fact: real stones are cold, fake stones are hot.

6. The Traditional nervous breakdown + secret fashion show were just tooo amusing! --> fashion houses take notes, we all need a hysterical nervous breakdown before the show to cool things down!

7. Anna Wintour had to wait for Lagerfeld to arrive to start the show!

8. Favourite quote 'KL (when asked if he was nervous): I have no moods. I have the mentality of a professional killer!' :D

9. The staff at Fendi's just too too cute! :) Doesn't watching Anna cry at the end of the documentary just melt your cold hearted fashion heart? :)

You're all welcome!

I love FENDI!


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