Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Most people say take one off, I say put one more on!"

That's right folks, in fashion more is always MOOOARR! :) That was my favourite quote from reading the latest biography of Iris Apfel:

It couldn't get any more exciting than to raed about how she developed her style over the years. I love her individualistic choice of colours and exuberant style:

Iris to me really is a true style icon, in an almost unconventional, subconscious way. Behind her every outfit, and that exquisite style is a life time long story of travelling world wide, finding vintage pieces and really appreciating true multicultural beauties.

To be honest, I'm so sick of how the word 'style icon' is abused and thrown around every second corner these days. Does Iris Apfel have long skinny model legs? Is she stick thin with overly bronzed skin? Does she wear ripped leggings with acid wash t shirts, and complete the outfit with dr marten boots? Does she get photos taken at every single fashion party with her lips pouted and her skirt only long enuf to cover half her bum? Does she go around saying 'OH EM GEE Balenciaga is ... like ... so AWWSSUUMM!'? In case you haven't noticed, the answer's NO to all of those:

And that's why she's a real fashion icon. Because fashion icons don't follow, they INSPIRE. If you've not read about her yet, go to the nearest book store and ask for her biography NOW! Meanwhile, read this INTERVIEW to witness a bit of the amazingness that is IRIS APFEL.



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