Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marc Jacobs IS NY fashion week

What's not to love about Mr Marc Silver aka Marc Jacobs? Stunning are his pilates bod, his uber-hot toy boys (or shall i say husbands), and most importantly his CLOTHES. I love Marc Jacobs for the same reason why I love Miuccia Prada. He has this talent of pulling references out of no where, and turning tackiest themes into the most coveted (& tacky :P) collections of the season. S/S 2010 is another story of success. While most other NY designers are still stuck in the whole eighties, studded leather, harem pants trend, Marc Jacobs decided to go mix fifties with opera/theatre, and the result was a splash of ruffles and tules:

Wonderful, no? Of course there just HAD TO BE one tacky outfit to satisfy customers like Dee Ha:

It's people like me that ruin fashion i'm telling you LOL!

Seems like the grunge imo Jacobs-boy has left 80s punk to join the ballet choir :).

I love Marc Jacobs!


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