Monday, September 28, 2009

boom pow kaching bottega!

I got a bit freaked out when I found out Karate was Tomas Maier's inspiration for the lastest Bottega Veneta SS10 collection. I mean hello, can you imagine wearing a BV outfit top to toe and fighting at the same time? Horrid I'm telling you. Anyhoo, if there's someone who can make martial arts inspired clothes look sexy and sophisticated, it's Mr Maier:

Just when you thought white cotton was as boring as you could get, Mr Maier turned white canvases into the most beautiful easy airy dresses. I love the karate wrap belt, so chic no?

Every outfit's super wearable, yet really fashion forward at the same time. This collection easily shuts those who keep complaining about lack of creativity during recession. Hello, just because you're not wearing tight studded leather doesn't mean you're not fashionable.

As always the jewelry and accessories are super delish too. The finale dresses kinda did not fit in with the collections, but after such a brillian show, does that really matter? To be honest, I've loved loved loved Tomas's venture into glam gowns the past few seasons. About time starlets switch from the usual asymmetrical, tight corseted, super heavy gowns to something a bit more relaxed, a bit more effortless:

I can already see this collection being in's top 10 collections.

Now let's all find ourselves some rich Italians who'll pay for our top to toe Bottega outfits, ladies?

I love!


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