Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I don't know why my parents are still hiding the truth ...

that they adopted me from an orphanage in Italy called TACKI-LANO, because it's quite evident now that my tackiness is getting out of control. Say whatever you want to say, but images from the latest Versace show is hanging on to my heart like a hungry leech!

Mini skirts and dresses in sheer latex, with embroided studs and over the top prints?! Most people say NAY, I say YAY! I'm glad Donatella's bringing back the old Gianni flavours. In this so called 'hard times' with most stores bringing out boring plain stuff, those dresses will sure bring in loads of $$$.

That saying, my favourite collection from Donatella would still be the uber gorge sex on heels spring summer 2008 show:

I love how all the models look like Donatella clones lol! Skip to 4:41 to watch Natasha Poly do her fierce walk! and that aqua backless dress on Stam at the end of the video is BEYOND!

Gianni Versace may not be replaced, but I say Donatella is still BANANAs!

I love!


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