Monday, November 30, 2009

I *cough* love *cough* how they have to make a reality tv show out of anything these days. Doesn't matter if you're thin or fat, smart or not so intellectually inclined, as long as you agree to play the stereotypes, everyone gets a fair share of the spotlight! With viewers ratings starting to drop like house prices, it was time for Victoria's Secret to produce something to "engage" viewers and excite them pre-VS-show. And what's better than a reality (lack of) talent show to find the next VS angel?! Watch Watch:

Bravo to Victoria's Secret for their efforts to save a failing show! Totally got the weak hearted like myself hooked!

Watch the rest of the 'show' HERE!

I love how they put some random asian, brunette and african girls in as fillers. PUH-LEASE, we all know may only the blondes with double Ds win!

Cheesy fakeness I LOVE!


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