Saturday, October 3, 2009

a stylist's advice may not always work ...

Just saw this "OUTDRESS, NOT OUTSPEND" video from Target (I know... don't ask why), and I gagulated. Watch watch!

Nina Garcia should be fired I'm telling you. I'm ... amazed *cough* ... at her talent of being able to transform a very (fake) decent dressed (actress) girl into a real hoochie mama. And the close up of her metallic eye make-up at 0:27 makes my kitten shiver . Also, how do you persuade someone to try on colours when you're wearing all black from head to toe?

Just a thought ...


PS. did you also notice she was also wearing a $ 1K+ pair of louboutin fringe boots and a $1K+ Hermes Collier de Chien bracelet? NICE WAY TO PROMOTE TARGET NINA!


  1. Oh dea god, I'm in shock after watching that the whole way through! Ahhhhh I hate the way she says 'frugalista' haha, what an awful buzzword x Sushi

  2. I KNOW! how frugal is she to wear Hermes and Louboutins in this economy? lol