Sunday, October 18, 2009

IF THIS is considered curvy ...

then what am i? My recent visit to the Victoria's Secret website (don't ask why!) made me question whether the ideal image for a brand who's famous for only choosing 'CURVY' girls has changed over the years:

Don't get me wrong I love Ms Poly to death, but for VS, really? Then I saw this photo of LIly Donaldson and I couldn't believe my retarded eyes:

Photoshop much?


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  1. Omg I know! Where do their boobs appear from? I mean I do own a few VS bras and while they are good, they are not THAT good.
    The distorted image of curvy these days is truly sad. They are NOT curvy girls, they are skinny. Heidi I would consider curvy, and Tyra... but these ladies no way