Friday, March 6, 2009

speechless ...

it's been a while since i saw an outfit so amazing that i just went speechless, soo amazed, overwhelmed and joyous at the beauty of the clothes. the last few were these:

and no, it's not because they're in poppy yellow, and worn by lily or raquel (altho that helps alot ! :P) but it's becuz they were all sleek, effortless , beautiful but definitely not simple. You might think to get the clothes to fall like that is easy but it's hours of researching + amazing knowledge of fabrics and shapes to make clothes look THAT heaven - like.

SO, i just had my silent fashion orgasm mins ago when i saw the latest balenciaga collection by no other than the wonderfully talented ghesquiere. I guess if i were to design , and when i say IF i mean 0.000001% chance i would do it IF, the dee ha's woman wouldn't be a rock n roll alexander wang or balmain disco girl (tho i absolutely ADORE decarmin's collections) but she would be an effortlessly chic (ie. ferocious! lol) lady who goes to luncheons, galas and dines under crystal chandliers. She would be something who's not monogrammed, who doesnt need to show off her money and someone who enjoys luxury in the classiest way.

ANYWAY, this was the look that had me speechless:

Now repeat after king ghesquiere: HIGH TECH IS OVER, AND SO IS CLUBBING . Dee Ha's translation: 80s trend is sh*t, let's all be parisian chic :).
That's all :).
~Dee Ha~

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