Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some times hard days are creative days

That's what Carine Roitfeld said during Paris fashion week. To be honest, that certainly wouldn't have made much sense to me if it had been said earlier of the week, since all I saw was the same old repetitive theme: 80s disco, with neon colours and focus on the big shoulders. Which led to a question: where's the originality when all designers seem to have the same so called "INSPIRTATION"? Did they all travel to the same place, take vacations in the same spot, live in the same house or have the same brain? The answer would sadly and utterly be easier than that: They all watched the Margiela show a few years ago.

OKAY, I have to admit I did fall in love with the big shoulders, especially last season when decarmin played them sooo sooo well at Balmain. But to see them on basically every single cat walk from Newyork to Milan, doesnt that just make you a bit bored? It's sad cuz all designers are using the same lame excuse "in these hard times, all we need to do is dream". True you need to dream, but do dreams bring you food? Does spending $ 30000 on a disco dress u properly wouldnt wear twice bring justice to our current hard time? I'm sure there would be a number of heiresses and socialites out there who would be able to "dream" since they're not women who work, have babies and a budget to live upon. Which brings me to a point, in times like this, you need to be creative and bring people dreams, not the unrealistic dream, but the sort of dream that helps women to be sober, to feel calm, beautiful yet protected.

Every point I made above clearly made Carine's quote ultra applicable especially said during Paris fashion week. There's always something so sophisticated about Paris fashion week that intrigues me every season. This season, first up was Balenciaga, whose the ultimate beautiful dress I already showed in my earlier entry. Then there was Theyskens' last collection at Ricci. I've always found Ricci so beautiful. Every piece reminds you of your childhood fairytales, soo soft, romantic and delicate with jackets made out of silk, dresses out of organza flowing like those magical supple clouds. "I was thinking of a nocturnal mood,not nightclubbing at all. Something moonlit—a bit magical." was what Theyskens' said back stage at Ricci. To me, this collection seemed much more sombre, grown up but the feminity is still overflowing.

Looks like the succeeding designers have a lot to live up to for the next season.

Next up was Dior. This season Galliano went Poiret oriental for inspiration. Not extravagant like let's say 2004, this collection was quietly beautiful, with wonderful and colourful dresses and coats:

People might say Galliano has tamed down this season, I say he's a smart player who knows his customer well :).

Last up from the Paris collection (well, until the YSL, Chanel and Vuitton show anway :P) is Lanvin. I'm sure people who know me well will know my obsession with Lanvin. To Me, Lanvin is the ultimate definition to glamourous and effortlessly chic. What I love about Lanvin is that the clothes never look trying-too-hard. Unlike Balenciaga futuristic jumpsuits, Elbaz's creations always seem to be flowy, bouncy and "SEAMLESSLY"elegant, with a kind of sexiness that does not involve any trace of vulgarity. This season, Elbaz said backstage "People keep trying to divide designers into optimists and pessimists, but me—I'm a realist. I thought with my heart about what women need from fashion—dresses, suits, blouses, coats. Life isn't just parties and lunches.", which is exactly the point i've been trying to make this whole entry. Lanvin's collection is something you need to watch in video or feel in real life to truly witness its beauty. I had the previlege of going to the Lanvin store in Singapore, which only stocked a small / safe to wear range but let me tell you, almost everything looked soo gorgeous. Another thing I love about Lanvin's shows, both men's and women's, is the styling. Everything is put together soo well you almost can just wear every look in real life and still be able to pull it off without looking too try-hard. Anywayz, until the video's available online, let's have a glimpse at some of my favourite looks from this season collection (picking my favourite looks was the hardest thing ever, cuz i loved almost every single look :P):

The usual draping and bias cutting to hide the seam's still evident, but don't you just love the way the fur stoles are wrapped around the top? looks so cosy and chic!

That's all!
~Dee Ha~

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